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Morning Mist

The Path Is Clear

The Path Is Clear

Beholder’s Galaxy

Beholder's Galaxy

Garage Door Art

Get Original Custom Artwork for Your Garage Door!

Presenting a new perspective to a familiar environment…

Chances are that your garage door is one solid block of color — but now you can transform it into an original artwork that transcends its functional origins. Street art brings a new color and life wherever it goes, and adds charm previously lacking in cityscapes.

My name is Mikhail Buzhinskiy, and I create Perspective Art: unusual, creative scenes that blend seamlessly into your environment. My goal is to bring art to the streets and a new perspective to viewers, unleashing imagination while brightening up appearances.

The Process Is Simple

All I need from you are two things:

1. A high quality digital photo of your garage door when it is closed, taken in daylight.
2. The precise dimensions of your garage door, either in inches or centimeters

Once you’ve collected both, simply email me, and I will get to work on your artwork, delivering you a concept version within two weeks.

Love it? Then you can order the final version.

The final version is a high resolution image file. It is yours to use as you wish, whether you create a decal print for your garage door or hire a local artist to recreate my artwork.

Transform your garage door into an amazing, unique artwork! Get started today and email me with your photo and dimensions at BUZHINSKIY @ GMAIL dot COM

P.S. I can also implement the entire Street Art process — please contact me to discuss possibilities, prices, terms and conditions.
If you have any questions, just get in touch!

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Skyside Avenue

Skyside Avenue